DIV HD-1 Production Truck

HD-1 is Digital Impact Video’s flagship TV production truck that packs a lot of punch with a small foot-print. This 22′ Straight trailer features a Ross Carbonite Switcher, Chyron LEX3.1 graphics, Newtek 3Play 425 replay server, Sony & Panasonic HD cameras. Audio Includes Yamaha digital sound board, RTS Intercom and IFB. HD-1 is suited for Mid-market sports, concerts, webcasts, parades and other live events that require HD quality at an affordable price tag. Based out of Chicago, IL



Ross Carbonite 24 input Switcher
BlackMagic ATEM 2ME Utility Switcher
BlackMagic VideoHub Routing

Sony PMW-350 2/3″ HD Cameras                          4
Marshall CV-502MB POV Slam Cam                      2
Camera SupportTape & Audio
Miller Arrow 40 Tripod                                             2
Manfrotto 504HD Tripod                                         3
Panasonic 7” Viewfinder                                           3
Liliput 7” Viewfinder                                                  3

Chyron Lex3.1  Dual Channel CG w/ Lyric Pro 8.7
Graphics Outfitters ScoreHD
Newtek 3play 425 4×2 Replay Server
Blackmagic HyperDeck SSD Recorder
Graphics BenchAtomos Ninja HDD Recorder
DVD Recorder
Audio (Internal)
Yamaha 01v96i Digital Mixer
Wholer Audio Monitoring
Audio (External)
Sennheiser ME66                                                       4
Shure SM58 Stick Mic                                               2
Shure VP64AL Stick Mic                                           3
Sennheiser G3 Wireless Kit                                      1
StudioTech 220 Talkback Box w Headsets           3
Sony ECM-44B Lav Mics                                          2
CommunicationsEngineering Bench
RTS 3 Channel PL System
RTS 4 Channel IFB
RTS Beltpacks                                                              10
RTS IFB Beltpacks                                                       4
Wireless IFB Kit                                                           1
JK Audio Teco Interface
Optional Equipment (Upon Request)
Sony XDCAM Recorder/Player
P2 Recorder/Player
Shure UR4+ Wireless Mic System
Wireless RTS Intercom
Ross Xpression CG
Power Requirements
50 Amps 120/240 VAC Single Phase

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